Our Marching Orders

Secretary's Corner, July 2015
DS Emilio Benito Aquino, RC Zamboanga City West

Great Rotary Greetings to the D3850 World Class Team and Rotarians:

As your District Secretary, my task is to help our exciting World Class District Governor Oliver Ong in carrying out the mission of the district and that of Rotary International by assisting the clubs in achieving their goals and objectives.

Rotary International President Ravi has set forth his thrusts as embodied in the R.I. Presidential Citation brochure and our Rotary Theme: Be a gift to the world. Our own Governor Oliver too has his set of district thrusts and goals which are more particularized and have cascaded from those of our R.I. President’s.

Unless otherwise specified, all activities to be considered for the R.I. Presidential Citation must be completed between 1 July 2015 and 1 April 2016. Our accomplishments will then be verified by Rotary International data.

Please take note that unlike in the previous Presidential Citations where we simply indicate by tick marks our having complied a particular goal and duly attested to by our District Governor, that would not work under the new scheme as there must be actual reporting online in the Rotary Club Central which will be duly verified before we are given due credit.

What does this mean? It means we must first enroll with MyRotary, stay online and keep updating our accounts. It is not easy… but we can do this. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You can count on your District Officers for help on this regard.

Our club leaders have the responsibility to regularly check their individual club’s progress and verify the accuracy of R.I.’s data. To help them with this, they will have the ability to track their club’s progress toward each of the citation’s goals in real time by signing in to our My Rotary account. This functionality will be available on 1 July. Any discrepancies they find in R.I.’s data should be brought to the latter’s attention immediately so they can be resolved before the deadline.

Among others, our clubs must complete two mandatory activities and additional activities as described in each category. Clubs are mandated to set at least 15 goals in Rotary Club Central and to pay the July semiannual dues to R.I. on time.

Some activities will be verified by the information we enter in Rotary Club Central, as noted in the Presidential Citation brochure. Other activities will be verified automatically when we initiate a specific action.

On the other hand, our very own Governor Oliver enjoins us to do the same thing plus another set of 9 goals. Thus, 100% of our clubs should make on-time payment of R.I. dues.All of us should subscribe the Philippine Rotary Magazine. Let’s submit our 3-year Strategic Plan. We should also register 100% to the Rotary Club Central. Aim for two new members and maintain a 100% retention rate. Enhance our public image via tri-media and facebook. Support TRF with $100 per capita. Avail Global Grants. Support our future Rotarians: Interactors, Rotaractors, Rylarians, Rotex, Rotakids and other new generation groups plus the Rotary Community Corps. And finally, to put up or maintain 53 Rotary Corners in public school libraries.

Now that we know our marching orders, let’s carry them out together as a team. Exchange ideas and then take action. So Forward…….March.

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