Amazing May

Governor's Message, May 2016
District 3850 Governor Oliver N. Ong

Barely 3 months after the superb hosting of the 5th Pilipinas Rotaract Convention (PROCON), our Rotaractors are back with their District Conference on May 20- 22 in Bacolod City again.

I am proud and impressed with the leadership and organizational skills of DRR Joy Ardiente, Discon Chair Ellen Padasay and Finance Chair Juan Paolo Guinabo. They also demonstrated boundless energy and creativity, and handled the event with order and harmony. It was inspiring to see them interested to learn more about servant leadership from PP Ramon Dacayo, a sought-after speaker, who never failed to captivate his audience.

On the lighter side, our Rotaractors had so much fun during the Gods and Goddesses Night as candidates showcased their creativity, intelligence and elegance, while the Amazing Race was a thriller that tested their endurance, skills and wit, in getting to their destination by any means.

They capped their Discon with a solid affirmation of what Rotary is all about! Yes, they learned about leadership and discipline. They learned about camaraderie and harmony, and they all had fun. But they did not forget to do one important thing - Be a gift and serve! Our Rotaractors went to Barangay 5 in Talisay City to feed the children. Shouldn’t we be proud of them?

With responsible youth leaders like them, we can be assured that the future is filled with faith and hope; that there will be new breed of leaders, who will be Rotarians in the future and will continue our Rotary works.

Cheers to our Rotary clubs that sponsored and continued to nurture and mentor the Rotaract clubs. My hats off to you!


Excitement heightened as we jet to Seoul, Korea for the Rotary International Convention on May 29- June 1, 2016. It was pure delight and enjoyment for me to be there.
There were 119 delegates from our District, 1,071 from the Philippines and over 43,000 worldwide. It is by far the largest number of delegates recorded among the Rotary Conventions.

This is where we understand that Rotary is both local and international. This is where different races, religions and creeds are respected, creating international goodwill and understanding. This is where we see Rotarians from more countries than the United Nations come together under one name and one flag to share their gifts and serve humanity.

This is where we meet many ordinary men and women who do extraordinary things to help their communities and beyond. This is where we get awed and inspired by motivational speakers for us to do more, to give more and to serve more.

The Seoul Convention provided all the opportunities for us to renew friendships and to make new ones, cementing Global grant partnerships over great Korean meals and Soju, expanded our Rotary Youth Exchange program with Spain over ice cream coffee.

We are happy for a fulfilling and a fruitful trip and we can look forward with anticipation for many great things to happen in our District.

All told, it’s an amazing May!

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