An Exciting Rotary Year!

Governor's Message, June 2016
District 3850 Governor Oliver N. Ong

What an exciting year!

It’s been a wonderful year of leadership, inspiration, commitment, continuity, initiative, perseverance, teamwork, generosity and pure fun.

All these aptly described our actions during “Our Year Together” that moved us across the district from North to South to push Rotary service forward and to new heights.

Your enthusiastic response to be a gift to the world is definitely inspiring and has touched many people. You made us proud on how you initiated projects to help address various community concerns.

A feeding program restoring the health of the school children shows that Rotary cares. A donation of computers, printers and books shows that Rotary shares. Having constructed school buildings in Pagadian and Northern Iloilo show that Rotary brings hope. Our timely disaster response to typhoon and fire victims shows Rotary serving humanity.

Rotary is all about exchanging ideas and taking action by leaders. We cannot simply stand by and do nothing in the face of many challenges affecting many lives in the world. As Donald H. McGannon puts it, “Leadership is Action, Not Position”. It is heartwarming to see our district and club leaders leading and inspiring clubs and members to do more, give more and serve more. No challenges therefore, are insurmountable.

As I end my term as your District Governor, I look back and cherish the great people working with me for a more vibrant and responsive District. My sincere gratitude to our 11 hardworking Assistant Governors for having done a great job! They were always one step ahead of me.

A big, big thanks to our District TRF team that did an awesome job in bringing in contributions that reached a new level. My sincere appreciation to our District Trainer for the superb training programs that engage our members to be better Rotarians! Cheers to our Discon Chair for a World Class District Conference, giving our delegates the opportunity to Enjoy Zamboanga and Enjoy Rotary.

Our GML Editor never failed to amaze and delight me with his creative works and writing skills. Every issue gets me excited and simply a keepsake. To our District Team, you brought with you the discipline and values that moved our District forward. Thank you so, so much for a superb job in pushing the programs of Rotary.

To our World Class Presidents, thank you for your leadership and inspiration. And to all Rotarians and Rotary Spouses, thank you for your dedication and support.

At the start of our Rotary year, I promised you that no clubs will be left behind and I did almost everything to inspire our members to be “a Rotarian”, and not just a member. I was practically living in a suitcase from June, 2015 to June 2016 to visit clubs often and to be of service to them.

As R.I. President Ravi Ravindran said: “This is our time and we only have 366 days to do everything we need to do to make people feel Rotary’s love and presence”. We lost no time and not a day wasted.

It was an enjoyable and an inspiring journey for me, and I beam with pride of our collective accomplishments. It was worth all the efforts and the sacrifices. I will treasure our time together, for your friendships and our shared values.

By sharing our gifts in many ways, we become relevant and worthy to be called Rotarians. Let us continue to be a gift to the world as we enter another year of Rotary serving Humanity.

Thank you for the rare privilege and the trust given to me to serve as your World Class District Governor.

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