Membership—pa more!

Governor's Message, August 2015
District 3850 Governor Oliver N. Ong

My fellow Rotarians!

We started our World Class year with 1,281 members and I’m excited to share with you that we have welcomed 25 new members since August 31, 2015, giving us a total strength of 1,306 members so far.

We can expect more to join in and I look forward to the privilege of inducting more new members during my club visits. Let us sustain our efforts and focus on hitting our District goal of 1,400 members by the end of June, 2016, and recover from the membership contraction that we had in the past few years.

Our Membership performance is something to be concerned about. We have been stuck at 1.2 million members for the past 25 years in spite of new members being inducted every Rotary year during Turnover Ceremonies, Governor’s visit and in club’s special occasion.

Thus, Membership Development and Retention has become a top priority program in Rotary, next to End Polio … Now and Forever.

We are doing great in Membership recruitment but wanting in Retention. We need to work harder in sustaining our members’ interest and keep our gains. Rotary conducted two surveys to find out what motivates people to join Rotary and why members remain in Rotary. It is interesting to note that many join Rotary because of Service and remain because of Great Fellowship. Service becomes more fun when we are enjoying Rotary.

The results further showed of people’s need for a sense of belonging in a club for the mustard seed of Service to grow. Indeed Service and Fellowship go hand in hand and they are the essence of our club existence.

It is always a special occasion for new members to be inducted, just as it was for me. I stood tall and beamed with pride. It was not simply taking an oath but it was an affirmation of trust and dependability, of shared values and of being a gift to others.

It is a great reason to celebrate but let us not neglect them and be complacent afterwards. The hard work begins. We need to engage our new members or any members for that matter, and get them involved while creating and maintaining an atmosphere of purpose and fun.

After all, Membership Development and Retention is everyone’s responsibility. With the new focus and campaign, I have got more good news for you. Our worldwide membership has grown to 1,220,253 as of 31 August 2015 … an easy reach of 1,300,000 members in 2016. I’m very confident of 1,400 members by June, 2016 in our District as more will join us because Rotary is fun, Rotary cares and Rotary shares as each one of us strives to Be a Gift to the World.

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