Governor's Message, October 2015
District 3850 Governor Oliver N. Ong

One of the exciting tasks that I enjoy doing as your Rotary District Governor is to visit each club in our District. With 53 clubs to visit in our geographically challenged District (travelling to and from Visayas-Mindanao), it is an enriching experience of different cultures and dialects.

I’m in for a fun and delightful tour of duty. Getting to meet many dedicated Rotarians including your supportive spouses, Rotaractors, Interactors and Youth Exchange students is something I have always looked forward to. It is infectious to be with positive people. Thank you, Rotary … the world looks brighter and better every day.

I’m truly impressed with the various projects you are undertaking to address immediate community concerns. You give HOPE to the “severely wasted” children with your feeding programs; students having access to books and computers through our Rotary libraries, Disease prevention in schools through the WASH projects; vocational training and mentorship for a better future to our Youth.

You are truly a Gift to your respective community. Together, we will continue to break the bondage of deprivation and replace it with alleviation and access until we have won the battle. I’m blessed to have World Class Assistant Governors, District Team and Club Presidents and engaged members, all working hard for a responsive Rotary District.

After 3 months of club visits, 5 pounds overweight due to the countless lechons, batchoy, inasal, oysters and lobsters, it was my honor to have met so many Rotarians and partners who are both dreamers and doers. And I’m pleased to share with you that 94% of our clubs are vibrant while only 6% needs more mentoring. Three clubs are out of “ICU” and have rebounded well.

I’m even happier to see you responding to the District’s call for more new members and retention. We have so far gained 50 new and active members.

I’m excited of your generous support to the Rotary Foundation. We are inching our way to our District Goal of US$140,000 in Annual Fund Giving and we will have more funds for District and Global Grants that will touch more people. The TRF and EPN cans distributed all over the district are creating more awareness of TRF’s 6 areas of focus and our campaign to eradicate Polio.

We will continue to invest in trainings so our Rotarians will be well informed. Our District trainer, PDG James Makasiar has been working tirelessly to bring the Membership, Public Image, TRF and RCC seminars closer to the Rotarians so we can become effective Rotarians. Let’s cooperate and support him all the time.

You are all amazing and awesome, serving above self. The future’s looking good and I charge forward with the confidence that we are all in this together until the mission has been accomplished.

I’m just delighted to see enthusiastic Rotarians at work helping uplift people’s lives. After all, Rotary is in the PEOPLE business as shared by RIPE John Germ. By and large, we all become a Gift to the World for sharing our time, talent and treasures.

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