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Governor's Message, November 2015
District 3850 Governor Oliver N. Ong

It was an auspicious day for our District and D-3480, Taiwan, when we forged a 3-year Sister District Agreement at the Rotary Institute in Manila last November 7, 2015 with PRIP Gary Huang and Spouse Corina, PDG C.T. Wu among the distinguished witnesses.

D-3480 joins our growing list of international partners to include D-3590, D-3600, D-3610, D-3690, D-3740, all Korean and some clubs belonging to these districts; D-2203, Spain and D-2390, Sweden.

Lives are improving! Look at the Global Grants approved --The USD$135,000 Vocational & Technical Equipment for Skills Training in Roxas; the Human Milk Collection and Storage Project in Bacolod and Iloilo; and our Rotary Library project in public schools.

We’re applying for more with each project costing $40,000 - $50,000 - The E-Library in Bacolod; Water Sourcing and Distribution in a barangay in Kalibo; Maternity Lying-In Center in Zamboanga; Blood Collection Equipment in Dipolog, and more Rotary Libraries in public schools in our District. Another big-ticket project coming is the VocTech Training Equipment for Skills training worth $170K in Roxas.

And we are blessed to have generous partners putting up 80-90% of the funds required for our Global Grant proposals. We are grateful as we are able to stretch our small District Designated Fund (DDF) of $32,000 only to maximum utilization.

What’s a DDF?
A DDF is best explained as 50% of our total Annual Fund Giving contribution to The Rotary Foundation comes back to our District in 3 years’ time. 50% is allocated to District Grants (DG and DFRCC can decide), and the remaining 50% is used for Global Grants.

I’m delighted that more clubs are interested in Global Grants because of the impact and magnitude, and not to mention the cost benefits. We can continue stretching our tiny allocation but if 10 out of 53 clubs apply, our DDF will be depleted in no time, leaving other applications in limbo.

So what do we do now? To address this problem, we are aiming to raise USD$140,000 for The Rotary Foundation this Rotary Year or a $100 per capita contribution. We shall then have $70,000 in DDF, enough to help fund more Global Grant projects.

Thus, I wish to knock on your hearts and invite you to be a generous giver, to be an instrument of love, hope and faith. I know we can do it. Please say YES and be a part of this proactivity. Believe in the profound words “As you give so shall you receive”.

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