District Awards

RY 2015-2016

Minimum Requirements

  1. Club in good standing
    1. Updated dues (i.e. RI dues, Governor’s Fund)
    2. Philippine Rotary Magazine subscription (as required per club)
  2. Timely submission of monthly attendance report
  3. Submission of 3-Year Strategic Plan
  4. President-Nominee in place
  5. Must have participated in the Distas and District seminars for TRF, Public Image and Membership

Club Categories

(as of Jan. 1, 2016)

A. Major Awards

  1. Most Outstanding Club (plus 3 Outstanding Clubs)
Membership growth of 10% (Jan. 1, 2016 vs. July 1, 2015) 10%
Contribution to The Rotary Foundation
  • Category A: at least US$1,000
  • Category B: at least US$1,500
  • Category C: at least US$2,000
80% attendance 10%
Presidential Citation 10%
Club Service 10%
Vocational Service 10%
Community Service 10%
International Service 10%
Youth Service 10%
Public Image 10%
  1. Most Outstanding Club President (plus 3 Outstanding Club Presidents)
Sponsor at least 1 new member 10%
At least $500 contribution to TRF 10%
Attendance in PETS, Distas and other Rotary seminars 10%
100% attendance in club meetings and projects 10%
Implementation of projects 10%
Implementation of a Public Image campaign 10%
Conduct club planning and initiate a 3-Year Strategic Plan 10%
Leadership (must submit a 1 page narrative showing Leadership traits of the President) 10%
Overall club performance 20%
  1. Most Outstanding Club in Club Service
  2. Most Outstanding Club in Vocational Service
  3. Most Outstanding in Club Community Service
  4. Most Outstanding Club in International Service
  5. Most Outstanding Club in Youth Service
  6. Most Outstanding Club in Public Image
  7. Most Outstanding “Family of Rotary” Club
  8. Most Outstanding Club Secretary
  9. Most Outstanding Assistant Governor

B. Project Awards

A club project shall be nominated and eligible for an award in only one category

Community needs addressed and number of beneficiaries 20%
Sustainability and measurability of the project 20%
Creativity & innovativeness 20%
Participation of club members and Rotary family 20%
Manner the project was promoted to enhance Rotary’s public image 20%
  1. Best Vocational Service Project
  2. Best Community Service Project in Disease Prevention
  3. Best Community Service Project in Maternal and Child Health
  4. Best Community Service Project in Peace and Conflict Resolution
  5. Best Community Service Project in Literacy
  6. Best Community Service Project in Economic & Community Development
  7. Best Community Service Project in Water & Sanitation
  8. Best International Service Project
  9. Best Youth Service Project
  10. Best Public Image Project
  11. Best Family of Rotary Project
  12. Best Club Signature Project
  13. Best Persons with Disabilities Project

C. Special Awards

  1. Rotary Foundation Awards
    (1a, 1b and 1c are total TRF contributions including PolioPlus)
    1. Highest Club Giving
    2. Highest per Capita Giving
    3. Highest Rotarian Giving
    4. 100% Club Giving
    5. Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) Giving
  2. Membership Awards
    1. Highest Net Gain
    2. Highest Net Percentage Gain
    3. Highest Retention Rate
    4. Best in Membership Classification and Diversification
      (must submit classification of all members)
  3. Attendance Awards
    1. Highest Club Attendance percentage
    2. Highest Attendance in the Distas
      (to be based on # of registered participants)
    3. Highest Attendance in the Discon
      (to be based on # of registered participants as of Day 1 of the Discon)
  4. Extension Award
  5. Best Club Bulletin Award
  6. Photo Awards
    1. Best Rotary in Action Photo Award
    2. Best Rotary is Fun Photo Award
  7. Best Interact Club Award
  8. Best Rotaract Club Award
  9. Best Rotary Community Corps Award
  10. Best Rotary Spouse Club Award
  11. Best Club AVP (max. 5 mins.)


  1. Entries for awards must be submitted in the prescribed electronic template (i.e. Powerpoint) in CD, DVD or Flash Drive.
  2. Templates are available for:
    1. Major Awards: Most Outstanding Club
    2. Major Awards: Most Outstanding Club President
    3. Major Awards #3 to #9
    4. Project Awards
    5. Special Awards: Best Club Bulletin
    6. Special Awards: Photo Awards
    7. Special Awards #7 to #10
  3. Separate entries must be submitted for each award a club is bidding for
  4. Entries must be submitted on or before February 15, 2016 to:
    DS/PP Emil Aquino
    48 Campaner St.
    Zamboanga City